10 Youngest Coaches in Premier League History

The job of a Premier League manager is not for the faint-hearted. This is due to the increased quality of the tournaments and the increased prize money. The average age of a Premier League manager is 50 years old. However, there are also some young managers who are doing very well in their role. So let’s take a look at the 10 youngest managers in Premier League history. We at PHLOVE have collected the information in the following article.

List of 10 youngest managers in Premier League history

List of 10 youngest managers in Premier League history
List of 10 youngest managers in Premier League history

The following coaches we list are not only young but also very excellent in their fields. In addition, they were also top players in the past. Let’s find out the 10 youngest managers in Premier League history.

Paul Jewell

Paul Jewell was just 34 when he guided Bradford City to promotion in 1999, ending the club’s 77-year wait for top-flight football. But he lasted just 18 months in charge, helping him win the title-chasing Merseyside giants. The League Cup on the final day of the 1999/2000 season was a great escape.

Stewart Pearce

Stuart Pearce had just one evening to prepare for his first game as Nottingham Forest manager. After Frank resigned in December 1996, after spending four hours tweaking tactics, the revered England international also decided on the starting line-up for the trip to Arsenal. Pearce had established himself at left-back. But as brave souls pointed out at the time, Forgot to mention the goalkeeper.

Alex Neil

Alex Neil
Alex Neil

Alex Neil admitted he was “very used to winning” when Norwich City won promotion to the Premier League in 2015. The scholars were promoted to the country’s top flight via the play-offs. And repeated the trick South of Hadrian’s Wall with the Canaries when he was six months into his tenure. England have had very few wins in the top flight.

Kevin McDonald

Kevin Macdonald was pushed into the Leicester City job after Bryan. Little’s tumultuous departure came in November 1994, on Macdonald’s 34th birthday. Little resigned as Foxes manager to take over at Aston Villa, the club he represented throughout his playing career.

Ruud Kullit

Ruud Gullit could play anywhere on the pitch. And as Chelsea discovered, he was also quite good at the other end of the pitch. The towering Dutch maestro Surely one of the greatest players of all time. Joined Chelsea as a player in 1995 before taking on the rare role of player-manager the following year.

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Andre Villas-Boas

Andre Villas Boas - 10 youngest managers in Premier League history
Andre Villas Boas

Andre Villas-Boas followed Jose Mourinho from Porto to Chelsea. As assistant coach in 2004. Compiled detailed dossiers on opponents in back-to-back Premier League titles when he was in his early 20s. Europa League – Villas-Boas returned to Chelsea ahead of the 2011/12 season.

Gianluca Vialli

Behind the chaos at Chelsea in early 1998. Despite a solid league position and subsequent places in the League Cup and the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, Ruud Gullit’s status as a player was under threat. Gullit’s first signing was offered the top job behind his boss.

Chris Colman

Before Chris Coleman took charge of Fulham at the end of the 2002/03 season, he had been out of full-time employment. But after winning three out of five games to help the Cottagers avoid relegation, Colman’s approach changed. Initially given a 12-month contract, the former Fulham captain stayed in west London for four years.

Attilio Lombardo

Attilio Lombardo
Attilio Lombardo

Crystal Palace knew they were taking a risk when they appointed Attilio Lombardo in March 1998, with Steve Coppell leaving his post as technical director as the club struggled for form. “It was a big step forward,” he admitted. “It was a great step forward, and some will see it as foolish.”

Ryan Mason

Ryan Mason, 29, sat down with the media for his first press conference as Tottenham Hotspur interim manager. said it was “crazy” the serious head injury that left the Spurs midfielder… The England international, who was forced to retire at the age of 26 before he could begin his coaching career with Tottenham’s youth teams, said: “I think I’m still playing football – I’m probably at the peak of my ability. But football is a crazy sport. It’s weird.”


Above are the 10 youngest managers in Premier League history that we have just listed. What do you think about these talented young managers? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe to us to receive useful information.

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